Li’l People is an indoor Play Center with soft contained play structure, imagination inspiring play areas, technologically advanced equipment that offers a place of recreation and targeting child development.

We provide a place where Kids can enjoy targeting that learning comes along the way. We produce new to the eye fixtures and equipment that were carefully planned and tested for safety reasons.

We target to develop a child’s left and right brain hemispheres exposing them to an indoor play structure which will develop their analytical and logical thinking as well as cultivate their creativity and imagination.

Our amenities help children develop eye-hand coordination, developing motor skills, exposing them to pretend play which enables them to develop their social skills and go out of their shell.


“Where Kids Play… Learn… and Grow…”

Li’l People Mission

Our mission is to be a child entertainment facility serving parents with children ages 12 years old and below in a fun filled structured and unstructured play.

We provide quality customer satisfaction by offering parent and children value for money through continuous research and development by consciously improving our products and services rendered by professional and friendly staff that contributes to the physical, intellectual, social and emotional development of child.

We provide opportunities for growth and enrichment of our employees by providing necessary training as well as aid in community development for nation building.

We act with discipline, honesty, fairness and integrity at all times.

Li’l People Vision

To contribute on country’s community, economic growth and nation building by putting in mind all li’l ones.


Meaning of Li’l People

We chose the name Li’l People as we are catering for little children who are little individuals, hence the name Li’l People.

Li’l People Values

L – Long Time Approach
We make customers feel they are valued. We never fail to greet customers, thank customers and maintain customer relationship. Staff must memorize name of parents and child. Each Transaction made at Li’l People should not be a one time deal, rather it must be one that keeps customers coming back.
I – Impression
Staffs call each name of child when wearing wristband. Staffs are neat and presentable. Wearing complete company uniforms, hair arranged in bun, with minimal make up, color coded accessories and socks.
L – Lead by Example
All top level management serves as a role model to co-employee, teammates and members. We impart only good points. When we act, we are mindful of right values and ethics.
P – Passion
At Li’l People, we enjoy and never get tired of what we are doing. We deliver our service not because it is our work to do so but because it is our Passion.
E – Exceed Expectation
We treat each and every customers prince and princess while in our area. We are responsible to take on/off shoes before/after each play. We can change diapers, clean up stool, mix infant formula and may also put kids into sleep.
O – Outstanding Consistency
We do our service in all our lilpeople branches consistently.
P – Positive
In times of untoward incident, we act with resilience. We see opportunity to grow in times of crisis.
We treat each li’l ones with a strong positive emotion as if they are our own.
E – Energized and Excited
We work with level of excitement as seen in the smiles of our faces. Our good experiences with parents and children keep us motivated to bring out the best in us.